Crafting Abstract Elegance with Diana Rodrigues

Diana Rodrigues’s art embodies abstract elegance in every sense of the phrase. We’ve recently had the privilege of conversing with her about her creative journey and how she perceives the world through her creations. Let go of all your preconceived notions and dive into Diana’s awesome creative pursuits with us.

The article is part of a series of interviews highlighting inspiring individuals and the passions that make them tick. It was originally published as part of our 2022 issue of Wall Stories Magazine for the September edition of the Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris.

Some artists create within a set of strict guidelines and restrictions, while others create without any boundaries. Let’s talk about the latter for a second. Being truly free-spirited in the creative process is a task for artists who are bold, brave, and, above all, in pursuit of creating something truly unique. 

We’ve discovered someone who can nonchalantly say they’re a jack of all trades in the creative department. Imagine a single creator making a stunning set of expertly crafted wax candles, as well as chic textile prints,  beautiful sculptures, and snazzy jewelry sets.

Diana Rodrigues does all those things. She’s an Amsterdam-based abstract art and interior decor specialist who lets her creativity run wild. This free-spirited creative philosophy helps her generate a wide range of interesting ideas and creations that will immediately captivate more than one of your senses. Diana will enamor you with the curves of her body-shaped sculptures and dazzle you with the fragrance of her beautiful candles. 

We asked her a few questions to uncover the inspiration behind her creative flair and home decor philosophy. Here’s what we learned.

But before you dive in, we asked Diana to curate a selection of artworks by Displate artists for your home. Check out her picks and get inspired!

The Origins Of Diana’s Creative Journey

It’s hard to define the moment where it all began, but it definitely started very early in my life. I always had a creative and curious mind. I used to be the kind of kid who would draw on every page of my school notebooks. In high school, I chose to study art, and since then, I have experimented a lot and slowly found my style.

I still remember the feelings of the first time I experimented with charcoal, the first time I was able to use color crayons to draw a relatively realistic portrait of Bob Marley or the first time I used coffee as an alternative to watercolors.

As far as my inspiration goes, I would say that most of it comes from the works of great artists like Botticelli and Michelangelo. I’m deeply fascinated by the way they represent human beauty and by the richness of symbolism in their works.

However, what truly speaks to my heart is the art of Dali, Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky, Klimt, Van Gogh, and Pollock. My work is the result of all these influences converging into a passion for natural elements and human form and beauty, but somewhat abstract.

Leaving Her Work’s Interpretation In The Eyes Of The Beholder

When I paint, I don’t want to show you a perfect, realistic image of a woman, for example. I want to represent an idea of her but leave enough space for your imagination to create your own story about her. I apply the same approach to my abstract fluid paintings, where my goal is to represent the flow of a wave, the heat of a volcano, or the pulse of the Earth, but in a way that has to be read between the lines.

How Diana Defines Her Decor Aesthetic

One of the fundamental principles I live by is that most times, less is more. My decor aesthetic reflects that: it’s minimal but functional. I love neutral and warm, earthy colors and want my living space to feel peaceful and bright but also very organic and natural. For my apartment, I went for all-white walls and minimal furniture with clean lines and organic decor, warmed up by some light wooden tones and marble and gold elements. 

My favorite home decor style is Scandinavian together with some of its variants, like Japandi. I would say that my decor pieces are perfect for someone looking to have a soothing, modern, and minimal home aesthetic that’s soulful and earthy at the same time. 

On Incorporating Her Own Art Into Her Space

I craft a lot of items for my own home. Many of them are actually my first experiments at something new, like my first-ever jewelry dish or a candle. I also use my own vases to decorate my shelves. My favorite is the Peachy vase.

I also have my own paintings hanging on each room’s main wall. One of them is my absolute favorite creation, a painting I made back in 2012 during a sleepless night where you can see a monstrous hand holding a little girl. I especially love this painting because it leaves much room for interpretation. Is the hand pulling the girl up into the universe and saving her from what’s beneath, or is it slowly bringing her down to “hell”? Is it a monster or an angel? Is the girl full of trust, or is she scared?

I have taken this painting with me every time I moved to a new house, even when I switched countries and moved to the Netherlands. I consider it to be my masterpiece – it definitely has an immeasurable sentimental value.

On Her Diverse Set Of Creations & Mediums

Diana at the exhibition stand for Displate at M & O 2022

When it comes to creating, I don’t really have any favorite items. I love all the creative processes I go through to make each kind of product.

I love to create my abstract fluid paintings because that’s when I feel the freest. It’s pure creativity flowing into the canvas that doesn’t follow any mold or rules. I just pour my soul into the canvas.

I also love to make candles, but the best part is lighting them up and watching them melt away while they fill my room with their amazing scents.

I love creating my clay pieces because working the clay with my bare hands is very relaxing and helps me clear my head. But I also love to create my vases and jewelry dishes, especially the ones with the marble and gold look, because I know exactly what supplies and which quantities to use – it’s basically an exact science with these ones. But what I love the most is how soft they feel when they’re done. They really feel like stone! And I’m a sucker for marble, so I will never get tired of making these pieces.

My favorite pieces to look at are the Peachy and the David vases. They represent 2 of the most beautiful creations in the world: the statue of David and the feminine body.

On How The Human Body Inspires Her

The human body, especially the feminine one, is definitely a huge source of inspiration for me. There’s so much beauty in the curves that form our bodies, these vessels that carry our entire lives: our minds and souls, our joys, fears and obsessions. They move us through the world and create new life. It’s fascinating and truly beautiful.

Diana’s Advice For Aspiring Artists & Creatives

Never let your spark die. Stay curious, keep on learning and experimenting, put in the work, and learn to see perfection in imperfections. Especially when you’re still trying to figure out who you are as an artist, it’s often easy to see failure in ourselves or our work when we don’t get the results we expected. The way I see it, there is no failure, just lessons to learn. 

Be persistent and stay true to yourself and your art. And don’t be afraid to be vocal! Share your art, show it around, and talk about it. The people who will take an interest in it and help you grow might be listening just when you least expect it.

Over to You!

To see more of her work, be sure to visit Diana’s website and Instagram page.

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