"Good Grace" by Photographer Elliot Ross

Photographer Elliot Ross (formerly highlighted listed here) documents the landscape and inhabitants of Colorado’s San Luis Valley in his newest series and impending photobook, “Good Grace.” Capturing the spirit of a landscape that stands in contrast, each economically and geographically, to Colorado’s aggressively creating Front Range and Western Slope, Ross’ pictures are infused with the tender intimacy of somebody focused to being familiar with the elaborate dynamics of place by means of the tales and lived experiences of its inhabitants. Describing the context inside of which the get the job done was built, Ross elaborates:

“With the ugliness of the 2020 Trump v. Biden presidential election reaching a crescendo and the prospective customers of the pandemic only worsening, the San Luis Valley felt like a fortress, or possibly an anomaly in space and time the place the gravity of history in some strategies holds this entire world firmly in a unique epoch. Via it all, I was challenged by a dialectical choose on the partnership in between the relaxed anthropology photography can impose on complicated strata of spot an identification, balanced with my hope in the probable for artwork to raise consciousness close to the subjects of land, its use, history, and location.”

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