Gurney Journey: The Dancing Pig (1907)

If you have not nonetheless viewed the movie “The Dancing Pig” (Le Cochon Danseur)  you might be in for a take care of. Website link to YouTube at?v=BU4W858uiGY

This is the colorized, new music-added edition of a 1907 film that was at first a silent, black-and-white burlesque film introduced in 1907. It was in all probability dependent on a Vaudeville act. In the small film, a lady dances with an animatronic pig. She humiliates the pig, and then he (seemingly) exacts his revenge by feeding on her offstage. 

The animation of the huge puppet, combined with the dance moves of the performer, are impressive. The next remark on YouTube provides additional perception and appreciation:

“On the lookout previous what contemporary audiences might come across ‘creepy’, it truly is actually an endearing and melancholy tale. The pig comes dressed as a refined gentleman to attempt and court the attractive dancer but following rejecting him, she mocks him, humiliates him and strips him to steal his dignity, then dresses him in woman costume before likely down to just bloomers. I am guessing there is some underlying symbolism in there someplace. As for the costume – it would seem creepy, although I’d envision was not supposed to the way outdated fashioned clowns appear creepy to modern audiences. I feel it is so very well executed that it falls into the class ‘uncanny valley.’ But the animatronics of the head are incredible by any regular, specially the capacity to sneer the jowls back to expose the tooth. Together with the lolling tongue, flapping ears and independently relocating eyes, I would envision the wearer/ operator experienced very a process performing all the controls. You can see how just one or both arms cling limp as he retracts his arms inside of to then reach up to function the head. I’m guessing he had a minimal see by way of the mouth far too. So, thinking about all the animation/ puppeteering he had to do… although dancing, it a question how he could even remain on his toes in that doubtlessly significant match, enable alongside basically dance! This movie is so a lot far more than just a ‘creepy’ curious spectacle.”

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