Juxtapoz Magazine - Flex, Rot, and Sp(l)it: New Paintings by Heidi Hahn

“I come to feel my physique has been employed against me. Misrepresented and emptied of enter. I want it to have some other this means, distinct from what the physical presents – or basically get out of the way. I do not subscribe to the expectations imposed on my entire body. Hence, what can supersede the illustration of the human body, primarily in portray?

“I want to independent the system, displace its components, and crack them down into declarations. Among these parts, is there a consensus of context? Maybe these fragments can redefine on their own or develop into anything completely new. I want to make a hierarchy of care—of what I imagine is intended to matter. Can the paint repurpose what is envisioned of us? 

 “These figure’s stance is an attitude of refusal. They are withholding. They help you save anything for them selves regardless of whether as protection or negation. However they are nonetheless there—as material i.e the paint— and as a state of head. Does a portray of a female have to be the propagation of the feminine ideal—which commonly has been inviting, giving, erotic and comforting—an expectation that perpetuates women of all ages as graphic. Maybe the paint can be a placeholder for a diverse acceptance.” —Heidi Hahn, October, 2022


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