Juxtapoz Magazine - The Intimacy of Distance: Explorations of the Figure/Ground

The Intimacy of Distance | Explorations of the Determine/Floor is an exhibition addressing one of the quintessential interactions in representational artwork: the frisson and distance concerning the human subject and the industry. Organizers Lawrence Gipe and Douglas Marshall have gathered a assorted team of seventeen artists that use images and image-derived processes to explore this trope, making a dialogue amongst artists that are very divergent in vision, context and methodology.

The trajectory of the exhibition examines the myriad psychological outcomes created by the figure/floor relationship. The work highlighted surveys a vast swath of conceptual terrain, touching on issues these kinds of as Colonialism, the Anthropocene and the Sublime, and surveillance. The human factor in the composition can be intimately shut or cropped, veiled, or too distant to detect – the latter being a reflection on the deferential placement Humanity faces in the vastness of Mother nature.

That includes: Sama Alshaibi, Albarrán Cabrera, Johnnie Chatman, Jeffrey Conley, Eileen Cowin, John Divola, John Brinton Hogan, Richard Learoyd, Rania Matar, Ryan McIntosh, Mark McKnight, Liz Miller-Kovacs, Liza Ryan, Bryan Schutmaat, Donavon Smallwood, Judith Stenneken, Alex Turner.

For much more info, go to Marshall Gallery.

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