mini 6 AngelIf we’re honest, life begins at conception. The moment a seed finds and combines with an egg, a soul is born. So, if we are talking about institutionalizing the sanctity of life, we must do away with abortion altogether.

But how? Banning it isn’t enough. Mainly because the sacred life we have guided into the world may suffer unjustly once it is born. And that is not morally acceptable or should not be. All efforts must instead be made to protect and nurture that sacred life, before and after it is born.

Currently, those we shall call “probirthers” have no plan for what to do with a child once it is born, other than depending on the random kindnesses of the few private individuals willing to help the “unwanted” child. And this is the fatal flaw in their movement.

In a capitalist society the question always ends up becoming, “what’s in it for me.” Or in the case of a baby, what’s in it for them? Without infrastructure that protects the rights of the unborn, newly born, and indeed all children under age 18,  the probirth movement is doomed to fail in its service to humanity and to God Himself. It is a moral imperative that an infrastructure be in place that provides virtually all their needs,. It simply is immoral for society to bring a child into the world and not provide for it. In fact, one could argue that is immoral not to provide for all children, regardless of society’s position on abortion.

Certainly, all children born in a society that mandates a child’s birth must have guaranteed healthcare. In fact, every child’s needs must also become the responsibility of any state that would mandate childbirth. This includes childcare, insurance, education (including college), a significant guaranteed income allowance for music lessons, soccer, and anything else a child or their caregivers might imagine wanting them to have and experience. The government that mandates pregnancy should also appoint a designated child advocate social worker to work with caregivers to ensure all childhood needs are being met. All children, whether born under mandate or through planned birth must have equal opportunities and equity protection straight into adulthood.

If this sounds like communism, it is. But if the state can mandate the birth of a child, it is their responsibility to provide for all their needs, regardless of the economic status of its parents or whether the pregnancy was wanted or not. Until such infrastructure is in place, there should be no more call for abortion bans. In a society that mandates all pregnancies, the notion of personal responsibility is out the window. The burden rightly falls on society to care for the children they have essentially forced into the world.