A Photographer's Take on Christmas Cards

As we age, the vacations get far more and more complicated. And when you function with artists, our collective traditions turn into even more sophisticated, due to the fact it is literally an artist’s task to transform the way we imagine and come to feel, specially subjects loaded with this means.

Regardless of whether you celebrate Xmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, the Winter season Solstice, none, or a blend of all, there is an plain energy all around the holidays that motivates us to act in ways that deviate from our standard plan. No matter if it’s using time off, listening to corny songs, making an annual pilgrimage to a sure web page, visiting with kin, or decorating the exterior of your household with an array of blinking lights, the up coming week is a time to timetable and believe a very little in another way. 

Saskia Kahn is a lens-primarily based artist whose work has been instrumental and transformative at BmoreArt, in particular in recognizing the significance of gatherings and performances. There’s a sensitivity and clarity in each individual of her photos and, beyond her ability to capture a beautiful composition or a fleeting glimpse of light, this photographer conveys a palpable sense of regard for her topics in each individual picture.

After we acquired that Kahn has, for a number of decades, been making once-a-year photographic holiday “postcard” photos we had been dying to see them! We ended up thrilled that she was eager to share them with us, and our visitors, and we took a minute to communicate her to obtain out additional about the evolution of this self-styled holiday break custom.