Did your Family and Friends Discourage You From Becoming an Artist?

I not too long ago read through an post about Richard Branson, serial entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines, where he talked about the reluctance lots of people sense when seeking to make your mind up no matter if to go away regular employment to start off a new small business undertaking. Remarks on the report bundled numerous references to the extra challenge of having buddies and family members customers who discouraged getting the hazard of starting up a new business.

When my spouse Carrie and I made the decision to begin Xanadu Gallery in 2001, we have been incredibly fortunate to have moral and money support from household members. Their encouragement experienced a enormous impression on our ability to get the gallery off the floor. Even additional significant, their ongoing assist as a result of the hard early years and the recession that commenced in 2007 ended up very important in supporting us maintain the small business heading.

Branson’s post received me contemplating about the problem it is for an artist to just take the plunge and go after art whole time, and it built me ponder how big a variable household users and close friends were in the selection making approach. I have definitely heard tales of youthful artists becoming discouraged from pursuing artwork as a job.

Did the people closest to you, your household and buddies, inspire or discourage your pursuit of art as a career? Share your encounters or feelings on the affect friends or family have had on your pursuit of your artwork – you should share your views in the responses underneath.


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