Nocturne Notes – Bryan Mark Taylor

Nocturne Notes

Bryan Mark Taylor

San Diego Sunset , 30 x 30", Oil, © Bryan Mark Taylor
San Diego Sunset          30 x 30″     Oil     © Bryan Mark Taylor

   Bryan Mark Taylor shared with us his paintings of cityscapes in twilight and nighttime lighting in our interview with him below:  Voices of Encounter – Bryan Mark Taylor. He elaborated further on his nocturne palette for our “Nocturne Notes”.

   “For my nocturne palette, I specifically like to use Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Violet, Manganese Violet, Viridian, Alizarin Crimson and Transparent Oxide Purple. The warm brown helps continue to keep the paint mixtures from obtaining also chilly. I uncover these subjects inspirational since the delicate shade and worth shifts create a rich, moody emotion.”

Loire Valley Twilight, 36 x 48", Oil, © Bryan Mark Taylor
Loire Valley Twilight          36 x 48″          Oil          © Bryan Mark Taylor

   “1 of my just lately finished items is called Loire Valley Twilight. This piece was based on a plein air sketch made in 2018 and showcased a degree of realism. Even so, it is a meticulously composed piece where I had to set up, invent and redesign all the components to make the composition perform. This incorporates hues, values as nicely as the personal parts in the portray. For instance, the boats in the foreground were solely produced up centered on the typical varieties of vessels you’d uncover along the river. The values were also diligently executed to build that specific time of working day when the sunlight sets, and the initially lights of the metropolis come on.”

   In our fascination with how the eye sees and then interprets the planet around us to our brains, we have discovered it significantly intriguing to research how the eye sees at night time. Look for for the terms “Nocturnes” and “Eyesight” in the lookup bar to go through numerous attention-grabbing article content about the science of observing at night time and the artwork of painting at evening, or, download our e book, Nocturnes – A Primer on Night time Painting.

   To see far more of Bryan Mark Taylor’s perform, go to his web site at:  Bryan Mark Taylor.

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