Seeds of the Mind on view at BobCat Gallery

BobCat Gallery hosts the exhibition ‘Seeds of the Mind’ for the month of June 2022.

A metaphor from time to time applied to describe our desires is that they are ‘seeds of the mind’, and so this exhibition collects with each other pieces which website link to our inner worlds and the landscapes of our imaginations, dreams and introspection.  The clearly show will existing functions from about 40 artists from BobCat Gallery artists and intercontinental artists.

Artists Answer to Open up Connect with to Expose Their Internal Landscapes 

Created by artist and curator Catherine Sweet, BobCat Gallery is an on line gallery focusing on modest scale, initial and higher than all very affordable artwork. The gallery hosts equally on the net demonstrates and pop-up exhibitions throughout London, as very well as heading to independent artwork good.

Catherine Sweet claims: “One artist just lately paraphrased Edward Hopper to me – that if we could all articulate in words and phrases what was likely on in our heads, we would not want to develop art… and for the millionth time that rang so genuine, it motivated this exhibition.

This will be a various exhibition of first artworks showcasing the talent of BobCat Gallery artists as very well as other folks about the world who have responded to our open simply call.

Provided will be each figurative and summary functions depicting the workings of our minds, and the wide variety of means that artists method thought, emotion, goals, hopes, and the ups and downs of our modern entire world.

For so lots of persons in so quite a few approaches, this is this sort of an emotionally raw time. I hope that this exhibition can contribute to the broader discussion helping to safeguard our psychological wellbeing, and that people can uncover artwork they hook up with on a essential degree here.”

Virtual gallery and on-line personal view

The exhibition will be available by way of the BobCat Gallery homepage for the full of June. An on the web non-public perspective will consider position on 1st June from 6.30pm GMT. The Personal See will function a quick tour of the virtual gallery as very well as talks with selected artists.

Pay a visit to 

See of the exhibition

Participating artists (non exhaustive)

Anne Sweet, Caroline Financial institutions, Carol Smith, Catherine Sweet, Christopher Sweet, Clare Smith, Elaine Fox, Ellie Chook, Emmanuelle Orr, Gerardo La Porta, Jill Meager, J R Oatts, Judy Century, Juli Fejer, Kate Rossini, Kira Phoenix K’Inan, Laura Fishman, Laura Parker, Laurence De Valmy, Linda Chapman, Liyaan Khoso, Louise Wiseman, Marie-Claude Richoux-Harriman, Molly Lambourn, Paige Vargo-Willeford, Patricia Bidi, Pernilla Iggstrom, Petra Schonova, Rebecca Tucker, Robert Owen Bloomfield, Sal Jones, Siusan Patterson, Tonia Jillings, Uli Jaeger, Viv Owens

Seeds of the Thoughts BobCat Gallery

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