“MORGENROT UND ABENDBROT” at Galerie Nagel Draxler, Munich

On the occasion of Various Others 2022, Nagel Draxler Munich presents a cooperation with the Taipei gallery Each Modern featuring four artists: Pourea Alimirzaee, Julia Haller, Lin YiHsuan, and Xu Jiong.
Taiwanese artist Lin YiHsuan and German artist Julia Haller both explore the essence of painting through basic pictorial elements such as lines, circles, color fields, and surfaces. Haller’s abstractions are in the best sense reductionist, reminiscent of children’s drawings and full of hypothetical ideas without being postmodern. Large and small, roughly cut, Lin’s canvases and works on paper may seem casual, wild, and unfettered. However, he always maintains a fine sentiment and concept toward painting.
Chinese artist Xu Jiong and Iranian artist Pourea Alimirzaee also have a lot in common. Both frequently devote themselves to self-portraiture, both reflect on their cultural education in China and Iran, and both have the desire to rebel against it. For his meditations on history and identity, Xu Jiong employs a unique black-and-white ink painting method. Alimirzaee’s exaggerated post-surrealist portraits and figurations form a colorful counterpoint to the other three positions.

at Galerie Nagel Draxler, Munich
until December 3, 2022